Lucifer season 5. Spoilers ahead and theories which could completely change the course of the show. So don’t miss this.


Well, It seems that the creators of “Lucifer” have a lot to say as season 4 leaves with a lot of questions whose answers could be explored in season 5. It’s obvious to say that the show has suddenly created a hype among its viewers as the show was cancelled by Netflix at first.

The viewers then protested against the show and today we have the devil among us.
It seems that there are multiple stories or arcs waiting for the audience as in the last episodes there were a lot of references of the demons which are coming back to earth so that “Lucifer” can come back to hell.

Then, Chloe even after knowing the fact that he is the devil, she still proposes her and of course, the devil kind of thinks that it’s his father’s deed to make him fall in love to make sure that he came back to hell to rule his kingdom.

And as The devil was on his throne according to the last episode and where he was showcased with a black suit, There could be a very good chance of the devil going back to hell but then again that’s one theory.

It could be possible that Lucifer and Chloe could jump in a separate time arc where they will be able to solve those cases which were still loosely solved or Lucifer can come back and stay permanently with the pack of demons and each week chase these supernatural creatures back to the inferno.

These are some of the theories which could also bring season 6 and 7 if possible or one of the theory’s suggesting the removal of the supernatural powers from the prince of hell and lead a normal human life. So, there are a lot of theories but nothing is for sure and as viewers then again we are left with the waiting part.