Lucifer: Fan can Heave a Sigh of Relief as Tom Ellis and Lauren German Set to Return in the Upcoming Season!

Lucifer is a very famous tv series streaming on Netflix since 2016.  It has had four seasons till now, and the genre is about mystery and urban fantasy. 

Will there be a season 5 for lucifer? Fans are waiting constantly and asking for updates whether their favorite – Tom Ellis and Lauren German will return with another season. Sources confirm that yes season 5 will be coming soon but however not confirmed yet what will be the release date.  But fans are happy that it got confirmed that yes their most loved characters will be seen all over the screen again confirms Netflix. 


The show will surely return as there is more to the show. The fans are sad as this is the last and the ending season of the series, and yes the story of mystery is not complete yet so the season will surely release soon. 

However due to the pandemic right now, there is no confirmation when the last season release, the fans should control their breaths and hope for it to release soon.  The scripting and everything has been done In February already, and all that is left is a bit of production which is being delayed. 

                                              pic credits- Netflix


Even though the team is working from home, the final rehearsals aren’t happening, but we are sure there will be a confirmation date released soon. 

About the plot and cast, yes the same cast will be there, be happy that your favorite people are returning, and about the plot of the story, this season is however the continuation of the previous seasons and will unfold the mystery, being the last season.  Of course, being the last season, it is going to be the most exciting and adventurous one, for which most of us cannot wait.