Love Death and Robot Season 2. What to expect from Vol. 2? Release date, cast and storyline inside!!

After the success of Love death and robot, makers are going to release volume 2 of the series. Love death and robots is an adult animated series, truly rely on science fiction and Anthology. The first season was produced by David Fincher and Tim Miller. With season 2 Kung Fu Panda Director joined as Supervising Director.

Love death and Robot started a new trend in the web series world in where all episodes are interdependent, it is a big initiative started on Netflix. Love death and robots is reinitialization of 1981 animated Science Fiction film Heavy Metal, Gerald Potterton is Director of this 1981 film.

Release Date of Love Death and Robot 2:

The 18 episodes of season 1 were released on 15 March 2019, and the season 2 is expected to release in last of 2020 around November and December of this year and it is also confirmed by the news given by Netflix on June 10 June 2019 that Love death and robot would be returning with volume 2.

An interview with Inverse Job Cairn, composer of the series said that he has started composing music for season 2

So, with regards to the above information season, 2 will be streaming this year on Netflix.

Expected plot of Season 2 ;

In season 1 all episodes of this science fiction are independent. This means there is no connection between the episode. So it is not possible to predict the plot of season 2, Due to the variation and uniqueness of every episode. So we can’t provide wrong predictions about the story.

Love, death & Robot got a good response from rating agencies and viewers.

So the Audience of Netflix is going to get a gift at the end of 2020 in the form of Love death and Robot Season 2. So the ending of 2020 will be fruitful. Viewers who have an interest in science fiction and don’t want lengthy episodes, this Web Series is for you.