Lori Loughlin and her husband are facing tough situations for the college scam case.

Lori Laoughlin has been in news for some time now. Her ability to get the best for her daughters has rendered her into trouble. Although it was a matter of concern for the family, it came with a clear intention and was done only to make the best for their daughters. Every parent wants the best for their children and wishes to achieve that the soonest they can.


However, this story in particular took the negative image by people since it came intending to hide fraud behind the clean intentions that an individual had to their daughters. The actress and her husband have been taking care of their image for what they did in the past that still haunts them to date. Their daughters did not deserve it. Due to a lack of ability and credentials to get admission to a college in the USA, the actress resorted to unfair means to make their way for their daughters into the deemed college. This was not only taken into account by the officials but also acted upon.


What was the punishment that the couple had to face?

Due to the inability to prove themselves innocent, they were convicted of the crime that they had committed and were given the punishment to go behind the bar for 2-5 months. The two had different duration to stay behind the bars, however, had to face the challenge equally for the scam that they promoted.


Not only have they brought themselves the punishment, but also to their daughter who will be forced to face the grunts and scrutiny of the public that is already fed up with the work that they had done and didn’t apologize for previously and are now instead. Whatever be the reason, the law must see where justice shall prevail

Lori Loughlin apologizes for college scam as actress, husband get ...
picture: the indian express