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Lori Harvey Is In Big Trouble For A Hit And Run Case Allegation and father Steve Harvey is furious!

Popular Talk show host Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey is in major trouble as she seems to have been charged with a severe allegation. What is the controversy all about? Let’s find out the whole story!

Lori Harvey Is Accused Of Severe Charges Of Hit And Run Case!

Apparently, Lori Harvey has been charged with a severe allegation of a hit and run accident. Lori Harvey was arrested by the Beverly Hills police department as she was fleeing from the site of the collision.

The police arrived at the location after receiving a report that an unknown sedan had collided with an unoccupied parked vehicle on Moreno Drive in Los Angeles. However, went the police reached the location, the person who was driving the car was discovered to be Lori Harvey. She was not at the spot when the police arrived.

The Model Was Not Present When Police Authorities Arrived At The Scene!

The fact that she was not present when the police arrived gave surely cause the authorities trouble with the whole process getting delayed. Due to her fleeing from the spot, she is facing severe charges and has to appear for all the court hearings. The case might be a bit too complicated due to the model’s absence from the scene of the accident. Lori Harvey can be in some severe trouble for that.

Moreover, while the proceeding have started and the model can land in major trouble of it goes against her. We are looking at a prison sentence of at least one year. However, the hearing is not over yet and we are yet to see the final hearing. The model is currently dating rapper Future.

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