Lori Harvey in Love with Rapper Future? Steve Harvey ANGRY at Lori Harvey after her PREGNANCY rumor with Future’s baby??

Steve Harvey reacts to Future dating his daughter. Legendary rap star Future is a known ladies magnet. The question is – Is Lori Harvey in Love With Future? Steve Harvey’s Reaction on Their Love.

Future (The rapper) has been seen with plenty of models and beautiful women throughout the years. He seems to have a new girlfriend every few months, but it was a shock to many when he recently started to settle down again rumors have been suggesting that he’s been dating the beautiful Lori Harvey. He’s constantly rumored to be with many women, but this time it’s not just a rumor future has finally gone public with his relationship with Lori Harvey, after posting a picture of the two on Instagram looking very comfortable. 

Is Lori Harvey in Love With Future

What was Lori Harvey’s father’s reaction?

Lori Harvey has been spending more and more time with rapper future the two have been spotted in the same locations throughout social media within the last few months, but things became more serious just recently after future and Laurie have shared photos on her Instagram pages Laurie celebrated her 23rd birthday on January 13th. The two were looking very cozy and seemed to be very happy together sources.

Lori’s stepfather Steve Harvey didn’t seem to have much to say after, he was recently questioned about it the family feud host was questioned by interviewers how do you feel about your daughter dating future, and he responded I don’t know anything about it. The interviewer then asked do you approve a future steve replied again saying, I don’t know anything about it, and he promptly moved on to the next topic steve has been in the spotlight for years, and knows how to deal with these types of questions. He didn’t want to get involved in his stepdaughter’s relationship, and he seems to respect that she is old enough now to see whoever she pleases. Laurie didn’t seem to care much about the talk and has been posting pictures living it up in Jamaica throughout her birthday week.

She posted pictures with her new man and by herself posing in a black bikini poolside; she has been living her best life despite having a rough last few months. He seems to be a player, and bad-boy type this was the first time in a while that, he shared a photo of him, and a current girlfriend months ago, he had posted a video in the car with Lori but, nothing seemed official at the time they had been seeing other. 

Is their love is real?

Future remains faithful, and Lori seems to have tied him down as recently what is next for the couple the rumor has been confirmed this month that future and Lori are officially together they’ve been together for a few months.

Lori helped Future promote his new single life is good, and they will also continue to flex pictures, and vacations with each other by now they have been seeing each other for almost 3 months, and Future has already posted a picture with his new lady on Instagram. He may have learned, and grown since then he does seem to be a bit more mature with his relationship with Lori.


video credited – Lime Report