Looks like nothing can stop 50 Cents; Takes trolling to Twitter after his Instagram account gets deactivated!

50 Cents is on vacation from Instagram 

If you are a fan of the singer and his Instagram account then you must be thinking why his account cannot be accessed? Well, because 50 Cents no longer using his Instagram account Wednesday, as it was on deactivated mode.

It is not yet clear if he violated Instagram rules to get blocked or blocked by the Instagram user, or he himself took the decision to take a break from his Instagram trolling.

His followers shifted on Twitter to ask him the reason behind the deactivation but he kept his mouth shut on this matter.

50 Cents uses Instagram for trolling  

Get Rich Or Die Tryin‘ star found his second job in Instagram trolling, whether it’s his enemy or friend, everyone is equal to being trolled by him.

His recent comment was on Snoopdog meme, where he posted T.I’s statement when he said he took his 18-year-old daughter to the gynecologist every year for hymen intact check-up, on November 10.

50 cents commented, “Yeah man, what the f**k was T.I talking about. LOL

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His trolling finds a new home- Twitter

It does not mean if his Instagram is shut he’ll keep his thought to himself. He shifted to his Twitter handle to share his random thoughts.

For the past hours, he became pretty active on it and sharing about life advice, memes, and thinking about 50 Cents army.