Locke and key had a long, bumpy road to Netflix. It came out worse for wear

The American web series Locke and Key had a difficult time before being telecasted on Netflix. The show is adapted from a Cult comic. Well ,the long anticipated show has finally premiered on the screens. The first 10 episodes of series was released on 7 February ,Friday on the streaming service. Read the full article to know what actually happened.

About the Locke and key show

Locke and Key is actually a horror – fantasy adapted from a comic book written by Joe Hill. The novelist is an Eisner Award winner in 2012. It is the comic’s industry award no less than an Oscar. The story is about two dysfunctional siblings who united with each other to solve a family mystery.

Everyone praised the series for showing family dynamics and supernatural horror parallelly. In addition to this, special praisings are given for its emphasis on the human drama. The show is brought to us by the screenwriters and producers of the very famous series Lost and Haunting of Hill House. Carlton Cuse has worked in Lost whereas the Haunting of Hill House was produced by Meredith Averill.

The comic got a lot of appreciation for its complexity and beauty but the new show seems like a weekly written teen TV drama. It has some clunky Supernatural elements that are not as impressive receipts intense predecessor. At many points the show seems like frustratingly clumsy.

Locke’s family shifted to a New England town of Matheson, Massachusetts. And the teens Bode, Tyler and Kinsey were shown mourning for their father’s death. His murder was a strange incident by a troubled student. There Bode meets a glamorous woman who was trapped in a well inside Locke’s property. She was in a satin nightgown and posing for an adult novel. She was the one to reveal Bode that the house is full of keys. Each key had a supernatural property in it. Well, she steals the most powerful one.

And thus, they figure out the mystery behind their father’s death. There can be a lot of story that can be told but the show is suffering short of plot. Rather than showing the horror elements the show focuses on points of view of the young characters. The series could show you a lot of mystery but it’s difficult teenage drama has made people lose interest from it.