Lizzo and Harry Styles came together to perform ‘Juice’ at Miami and we are definitely sure that they have stolen everyone’s hearts!

There are things which happen sometimes out of the blue and when you pay for one and got the benefits for two then nothing could go better than that and Harry Styles and Lizzo has made this thing happen for their fans.

The duo performed in Miami for the song by Lizzo “Juice”. They were flawlessly swinging their body around the floor to give their audience a juicy performance as expected from their combination on-stage.

Lizzo was hired for the Thursday night’s event for SiriusXM and Pandora’s concert series before the Super Bowl which is going to happen in Tampa. Styles came out in the spotlight out of nowhere and joined the “Good as Hell” singer.

Yet, It was not an unexpected thing to happen as the “Watermelon Sugar” singer has always adored her voice and even stating that “She has everything an artist should have”.Harry was able to receive a lot of applause after his performance on YouTube for BBC radio 1 for the song “Juice”.

And it’s pretty good year for both the stars as “Fine Line” received No.1 ranking at the Billboard 200 while the latter was able to bagged three Grammys for herself which nevertheless to say that both of them deserved that, as their performances were nothing but elegant and the lines were bold enough to become a slave to their rhythms.

It’s although quite early to say there could be more chances in future where we will be able to see both of them working together on a song or it could be a number of songs and there could be more of these surprise-combine performances until then try to their other songs and make yourself feel better.