Living With Yourself Season 2: Will Paul Rudd return? Checkout the cast, plot and release date!!

Whenever Paul Rudd is linked in a sitcom, his show can go on as long as possible. Because it becomes hard to beat him when it comes to comedy. His latest show Living With Yourself presents him as Miles, who accidentally clones himself. It results in an awkward condition for her wife Kate, played by Aisling Bea. Now it is upon her, which version of Miles she wants, original or the clone.

During the series, both miles compete for Kate’s affections. Both have the same DNA and clone Miles is an upgraded version. He has real feelings and sentiments because he owns the same memories as real Miles. But the problem is he doesn’t have any actual experience of it.

‘Living With Yourself’ Season 1 left a hint for Season 2

The finale episode of season one left us with a surprise, Kate’s pregnant. But now the problem is who is the actual father of the child. The child is genetically Miles’ but the original father is a mystery.

Anyway, there is enough context fro making many more seasons from this one plot itself. Original Miles declares that the three will become a family. And they will raise the child together. This created a good assumption for season two.

What about Season 2 of ‘Living With Yourself’?

The creator of the show Timothy Greenberg said they have many plots for the future of the show. It depends upon the audience if they want more of it. Although Paul Rudd is not a regular TV type of guy. But he played Phoebe’s boyfriend Lisa Kudrow for 17 episodes in the famous show Friends.

It seems Greenberg has many ideas for making season 2. Fans are eager to know more about the show’s status. Though it is not sure if the show will return or not.