Lire Galore: Brutally eaten, punched and abused by Quality Control Music CEO ‘P’?? Now Fighting for the full custody of her 8 year child!!

Lira Galore accuses Quality Control Music CEO ‘P’ for abusing her both physically as well as mentally.

Galore accuses “P” of abusing her even when she was pregnant with his own child.

Lira claims that she has severed several injuries on herself because of P. He continuously abuses her and even eats her brutally. According to the legal documents submitted by Lira, she describes how she has got at least 5 bruises and beats by him. Lira even describes how P would punch her, even in the face the throw her on the ground, chokes her and even punches her on the head so many times that she would get knot feelings in herself. It was that horrible.

Well if the information is true then P should obviously give her 15 million dollars because it was reported that he would be nice then all of a sudden bad also. Life says that after a huge fight he brought her a car as a sorry gift. Then after a fight, he broke the side window and removed the ownership from her name to his name. P even went to court to have equal custody of their child, who is 8 years old. But Lira is against the idea. She wants full custody of the child because she knows how he is and says that he can abuse and torture both mentally and physically, which is terrible especially for him to have the child’s custody.

Lira even now says that it is better that he just gives her 15 million dollars as compensation for all her injuries and for P to leave her alone, never to talk, contact, come near her or the baby again. Also to take him to a good psychologist.

If you think about it, it is better otherwise she would still have to go through hell. Also giving her money us not that big of a deal because he is pretty loaded and has more than 50 million dollars. So giving out 15 million won’t be a big problem.