Lindsay Ell Talks About Fighting Her Inner Demons In Her Latest Album Heart Theory!

While everyone is sending time quarantining at home, county music singer Lindsay Ell released her second music album Heart Theory and the musical tracks are all about finding one true self through a number of internal struggles.

Don’t Miss Out On Lindsay Ell’s New Album Heart Theory!

The thirty-one-year-old singing sensation has poured her heart and has been extremely candid and personal with this latest release. There are twelve total tracks in the album but the eleventh track Make You will make the coldest hearts melt.

The singer has come out as a rape survivor at the age of 13 and 21. The lyrics are all about the internal struggle and the demons she has been fighting within. The experiences have crippled her for years. The singer has confessed that she has been the most vulnerable she has bee as a songwriter. Have a first look at the songs that are out now and fans are loving them all!

The Singer Has Poured Her Heart Out In This Extremely Personal Album.

Some of the musical tracks also look deep into her personal life especially some of her failed romances over the years, the most recent one with Bobby Bones that ended back in 2017. The musical sensation confessed that that breakup actually made her dive deep into herself.

The singer has been talking about her latest album and how it is about looking into one’s own fears and demons and rising above all of them. Ell has been promoting the album on her social media as well and as the lyrics are evident enough it is truly close to her heart as the musical creation seem to be inspired from her own life experiences.