Linda Thompson gifts ex-boyfriend Elvis Presley’s necklace to his son Brody Jenner who’s a big fan of the late singer!

Actress Linda Thompson surprised her son, Brody Jenner, this Christmas by gifting him a necklace that belonged to her ex-boyfriend, Late Elvis Presley. Read on to know the complete details.

The beautiful actor, Linda Thompson, gifted a necklace to her son, Brody Jenner, on this Christmas eve. And that necklace belongs to his ex-boyfriend, who is no more now late Elvis Presley. Linda and Elvis dated each other for four years, from 1972 to 1976. But later, she married to Caitlyn Jenner, and the couple welcomed Brody Jenner in 1983, but still, she was unable to forget Elvis, even she has a deep admiration for Presley.

Along with the necklace photographs, Linda also wrote over Instagram, “Taking care of business”.

Thompson also shared that the “@brodyjenner is also having a deep admiration for the king, Elvis, so this is what I got Brody for this year’s Christmas. He also has a TCB tattoo on his wrist”.

Brody commented on the post shared by his mom. He wrote, “This is the best gift ever.”

About Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley’s love story

Linda has an interview with ET in 2016, where she opened up her romance with Elvis. “I was a virgin when I met him, and I think that is what made him convince me. Because he was a very jealous man, and my virginity made him feel wonderful,” she said. She continued saying that even she was quite convinced and admired going into a relationship with Presley. But he cheated on her frequently. She tried compromising and sharing him with others, but it didn’t make it any easier.

At last, their relationship took the way to end, as she realized she wanted to have a family with him, but Elvis’s lifestyle wasn’t allowing them to do the same.