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Limitless Season 2 Might Just Not Return For A Second Season After A Probable Cancellation From CBS!

One of Bradley Cooper’s popular movies was adapted into a television series, however, it’s been a while since fans have received any new updated about the spin-off series or any additional series associated with it.

What Is Leading To The Prolonged Wait For Limitless Season 2?

Bradley Cooper’s movie Limitless garnered positive response for it’s one of a kind story of a life-altering drug that might make you smarter than others but has it’s own side effects as well. While the movie saw Bradley Cooper star as Eddie Morra, who takes the drug and becomes rich and successful, only to face the after-effects.

The story was soon picked up for a series as well starring Jake McDorman’s as Brian Finch who also ends up raking the same drug and helps FBI to solve complicated crimes, which takes up some guidance from Morra at times. The first season ended way back in 2016!

The Series Might Not Return For Another Season!

While there has been no renewal news since the first season ended, it has been reported that CBS has officially cancelled the show just after a one-season run! However, it was also rumoured that the show was taken forward to several streaming giants but it eventually did not get revived for season 2!

While the first season left behind a few cliffhangers, it seems like the loose threads are not getting solved any sooner as a second season looks quite uncertain at this point. We wonder of any of the leading streaming service is going to revive the show anytime sooner or not. Some even claimed that the idea or concept of the show was a bit too out of the box for viewers .