Lily Collins Robbed of Precious Jewelry: A Spa Day Turned into a Nightmare!

Emily in Paris Star Lily Collins Robbed of Wedding Rings and More during Spa Visit

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins is the latest victim of theft after her engagement and wedding rings were stolen from a West Hollywood hotel on May 6. TMZ reported that the actress had stored her belongings, including electronics, in a secure locker at the Edition Hotel spa before enjoying her spa services. However, when she returned, she found that her wedding band and engagement ring were gone, alongside other items.

Suspects and Investigation

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is investigating the case. There was reportedly no sign of forced entry, and the stolen items have been classified as “over $10,000” in value. The detectives are looking over the hotel’s security footage for leads and are yet to ID a suspect. Hotel insiders claim that a woman had been spotted at the spa several times before the alleged theft. When the staff tried to locate the woman using the registration system, they found that the number on file was disconnected.

High-End Jewelry Details

Lily Collins’s jewelry items were of high value and great sentimental importance to her. The actress got engaged to her partner, Charlie McDowell, in 2020, with a custom, one-of-a-kind rose-cut diamond by jeweler Irene Neuwirth, which Collins showed off on Instagram to announce the happy news. The star’s engagement ring features a pale pink, three-carat, rose-cut diamond solitaire in a yellow gold bezel. The star’s engagement ring was worth around £100,000 ($125,000). The couple married in Telluride in 2021, with Collins wearing a gorgeous long-sleeved lace Ralph Lauren gown with a lace hooded cape.

Other Incidents

Lily Collins is not the only celeb to be recently robbed in Los Angeles. Miles Teller, Drake, and Kellyn Acosta have all had theft incidents occur at their homes in LA. Other stars such as Mark Wahlberg, Katherine Heigl, and Brad Pitt have also relocated from California, citing significant concerns about safety and quality of life.

The Emotional Impact of Collins’ Loss

While Collins has yet to issue a statement about the theft, losing her precious jewelry items would undoubtedly have a severe emotional toll on her. The engagement ring was of great significance to the star, and she once said, “I’ve never wanted to be someone’s someone more than I do yours, and now I get to be your wife.” Losing the ring that symbolized this beautiful moment in her life would understandably cause immense sadness.

Investigations are continuing

The authorities are still investigating the case, and one can hope that the missing items are found and returned to their rightful owner as soon as possible. Hopefully, this incident will be a reminder to everyone to remain vigilant and attentive to their belongings in public spaces and hotels.


1. Has Lily Collins released any statements about the incident?

As of now, Lily Collins hasn’t issued any statements regarding the theft.

2. Who is investigating the case?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the case.

3. Are there any suspects?

The authorities have not yet identified any suspects.

4. How much were the stolen items worth?

The items were classified as being worth “over $10,000.

5. Have there been any other high-profile thefts in Los Angeles recently?

Yes, there have been multiple high-profile thefts in Los Angeles. Celebrities like Drake, Miles Teller, and Kellyn Acosta have all been victims of theft in LA.

In conclusion, Lily Collins’ loss is a reminder of the importance of keeping valuable belongings secure, ensuring you always keep an eye on them. Losing such sentimental items is not just financial stress, it’s emotional torture too. Here’s to hoping her stolen items are returned to her soon.