Lili Reinhart Steps Up Against the Hatred and Mocking of Her Personal Life and Relationship with Cole Sprouse

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse got rumoured to break up their relationship. More precisely, the rumor was Cole Sprouse cheated on Lili with supermodel Kaia Gerber. There was even a hashtag which got trending, it was #ColeSprouseIsOverParty. However, we were not expecting any reaction since twitter gets messy some times.

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“Leave all your belongings and evacuate.”

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But this time, on Friday Lili Reinhart took a stand for herself and bullying her long-time relationship. She does not only clarify that it is just a rumour but she also seemed pissed off by such activities of mocking someone’s personal life out of the blues.

Lili Reinhart’s Side of Justification-

In her reaction she said that twitter is such a vile place where anyone can say anything without even thinking twice. How easy it is to comment about someone’s personal life from the back of the phone. She also said this is the main reason why people keep their relationships private. And she mentioned that she is okay with her fans bullying her but attacking someone for no reason is very inappropriate, how this is much like a trend than anything else.

The tweet further tells people to reassess their ego before sending another tweet. Lili Reinhart continued saying how easy it is to criticize someone and feel like you have a sort of power over them but the truth is you don’t. She further added, hating someone or not liking someone does not give you power over them.

Lili Reinhart refuses to stay quiet about all such things. It is her chance to take action for all this hatred. She understands how difficult and abusive all these things can be for someone.

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Once Upon A Time

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We all need to get over this culture of hating and commenting on someone without even thinking is so okay.

Meanwhile, last month Cole too took stand for haters in his instagram stories. And as a matter for their relationship, according to sources just like every relationship goes from ups and downs theirs too. But above all facts they are still very together.