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Lil Uzi And Future Brings A New Party Anthem Titled Drankin N Smokin That Is All About The Extravaganza!

It seems like two of our popular rappers is welcoming the new year with some extravaganza and a party that fans will remember for quite a while!

Check Out The Newest Music Track By Rappers Lil Uzi And Future!

Get a glimpse of the newest party song in town titled Drankin N Smokin by rappers Future & Lil Uzi Vert who are all about partying and living life king size! Here’s the official trailer of the song and let the party begin with this newest track that might soon be the party anthem of 2021!

The music video stars cameos by Lil Duval and Casino. The song is shot in an opulent mansion with a beautiful pool and some gorgeous ladies by the side and these women are throughout the video in some steamy avatar! While the rappers soon make their entry and there’s some pole dancing, money throwing and more extravaganza that follows! Here’s a little sneak peek into the ongoing party scene  in this newly released track.


The Track Looks Pretty Interesting And Peppy Enough!

The newest track is directed by DJ ESCO and Sam Lecca, while the rappers are living up to the title of the track with some hookah puffs and playing poker and billiards while some gorgeous women accompany them. More songs are coming up from the album, this is just one of them and the others are also coming on.

Both the rappers are promoting the song via their social media and fans are already liking the video. While several artists are working on to release their newest track, music fanatics will have something to listen to and the collection is going to be a long one.