Lil Baby lit up Southern University student’s Homecoming with his performance and left the stage without a cheque

It is very rare when the stars perform for all free. But Lil Baby has hoped onto his private jet and traveled all the way to Baton Rouge to perform for his dear fans all for free.

On the day of Halloween, the “Quality Control” rapper took to his Instagram timeline to inform to all his 8.1 million followers and to especially his fans at the Southern University situated in Baton Rouge that he was going to hit the stage for the Southern University homecoming though he will not be getting paid for his performance. However, Lil Baby did mention that he canceled the stage because of a few personal reasons but anyway he made the stage lit the student’s homecoming with his rocking performance.

In an effort to prove his word to the students of Southern University, Lil Baby posted a video in his Instagram feed of himself seated in his private jet as he was on the way for Baton Rogue. A video that was posted on his Instagram afterward showed Lil Baby performing his solo hit “Yes Indeed” in front of a large number of audiences consisting of college students as they sang the song lyrics in unison with him.

Lil Baby captioned the second video saying that let’s get it.

This is really not the first time that Lil Baby made it to the headlines for spreading positive vibes. Back on August, 2 Chainz gave the “Drip Too Hard” props for finding a hard drive that has previously gone missing.