Lights, Camera, Symmetry: The Wes Anderson TikTok Trend Taking Social Media by Storm

TikTok Trend Takes Inspiration from Wes Anderson’s Aesthetic, Spurred by a Train Ride

The distinct aesthetic qualities of acclaimed director Wes Anderson have made their way into a popular TikTok trend, where users pretend to be in a Wes Anderson film in their everyday lives. This trend gained momentum after the cast of Anderson’s latest film, “Asteroid City,” participated in their own version of the trend at the Cannes Film Festival, posting it on TikTok. One of the earliest videos that sparked the trend was created by Ava Williams, who filmed herself on a train journey, capturing the essence of Anderson’s style. Let’s delve deeper into the trend and its origins.

The Influence of Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is known for his meticulous attention to detail, deadpan expressions, symmetrical frames, and specific color palettes, which have become his signature style. These aesthetic qualities have made his films highly identifiable and beloved by audiences worldwide. Anderson’s unique visual storytelling has inspired a new generation of filmmakers and enthusiasts to celebrate his work through various mediums, including social media platforms like TikTok.

The Emergence of the Trend

The TikTok trend of pretending to be in a Wes Anderson film started gaining traction in April. Ava Williams, a creator on TikTok, played a crucial role in kickstarting the trend. She filmed herself during a train ride from Connecticut to New York, carefully editing the video and incorporating shots that emulated Anderson’s style. Williams’ video, posted on April 8, garnered over 13 million views, showcasing the immense appeal of Anderson’s aesthetic.

The Viral Nature of the Trend

Following Williams’ video, the trend exploded in popularity throughout April and May, with over 180 thousand TikToks using the audio from Anderson’s films. TikTokers captured a wide range of everyday moments, such as train journeys, walks in the neighborhood, grocery shopping, and even work in a woodshop. By applying Anderson’s distinctive style to these mundane moments, users demonstrated how even the ordinary can be made visually beautiful and interesting.

From Everyday Moments to Special Occasions

The trend expanded beyond everyday moments, with some creators using it to celebrate significant milestones. Examples include documenting the birth of a child or capturing moments on college campuses. Notably, even prominent figures and organizations joined in on the trend. The cast of Anderson’s “Asteroid City” took part in the trend at the Cannes Film Festival, and Northeastern University, the Democratic party.

Wes Anderson’s Response

In a May interview with the Associated Press, Wes Anderson revealed that he has never watched any TikTok videos, whether related to him or not. He explained that he refrains from doing so because he believes it would only showcase repetition of his own work. Nevertheless, Anderson expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response his movies have received over the years and acknowledged the trend as a fortunate outcome.


The TikTok trend of pretending to be in a Wes Anderson film has captivated audiences worldwide. Inspired by Anderson’s meticulous aesthetic, users on the platform have found creative ways to infuse his distinctive style into their everyday lives. From a humble train ride that sparked the trend to the participation of the cast of “Asteroid City” at Cannes, this trend showcases the enduring influence of Wes Anderson’s visual storytelling. As TikTokers continue to embrace and celebrate Anderson’s unique style, it is evident that his impact on the world of cinema and popular culture remains significant.