Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks are still together as they Spend Quality Time Together at a Beach! Find out below!

Liam Hemsworth and girlfriend Gabriella brooks are no more together, it was a news revealed by them earlier but they are still together and Yes it does feel like they are still a couple after the news of them spending time on the beach has been out. Gabriella was seen showing her bikini body off. 

The couple was seen as stronger than before and yes it feels they are getting serious for each other as Gabriell was seen to be comfortable with his brother Chris as well. 

                                      pic credits- dailymail


Earlier there were rumors that the couple had broken up as they were not even following each other on any social media.  It was a secret according to them but their huge number of fans were concerned about this. 

Liam feels he was never happier than he is right now. He feels the relationship he had with his Ex-wife, Miley Cyrus was never the same. He is a much better and a stronger person who is always at ease when he is around Gabriella. 

The couple was seen relaxing on the beach recently which cleared everyone that they are still together. 

                                           pic credits- dailymail


The couple are really happy together, and clears the fans that they aren’t on any break. 

Relaxing with her love and his brother gives us a clue that they are really serious for each other and even their families are okay with their relationship and supporting them. 

Even though Gabriella is a few years younger to him but still they do not portray that and their bond is just rising above.  So to think the couple are away and aren’t compatible won’t be justified as their bond is really growing. 

For more updates about them, stay tuned. That’s all we know right now about them.