Let’s Find Out Why Joel is Better For Midge: The Mrs. Marvelous Maisel

After 3 successful seasons of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime. The show has a grip over its viewers. The show has emotionally attached the fans with it. Midge is a free bird following her passion in dealing with life daily. She shared some kind of connect with Joel and Lenny, but if asked who is better for her?


5 Reasons Why Joel Is Better For Midge?

  1. Even we know that Joel left midge in the very opening of the show, but their divorce brings us to the subplots of their life. Which in turn provide us with an opportunity to understand their chemistry. Well, it really difficult to part your true love, that’s what we fell when we see them together on the screen.
  2. Joel supports her in every possible way, while the news for Abe, Rose and Joel family that Midge is standup comic is hard to swallow. Joel stood still with her choice of career. And that’s why Joel deserves a second chance. Yes, even though Joel is really angry about her decision but soon realizes her talent and learns to value and support her.
  3. Things that you do around your loved ones are clearly distinguishable when in season 3 Joel finds a new love interest, but when he visits midge on her tour we just figure out that he is still not over her.
  4. What is the quality you look for in your partner, well he or she must be good looking, no when you want a serious and life long relationship, you look for understanding, emotional support and these things were adorable in both Midge and Joel.
  5. Doesn’t it sound beautiful when you have someone to listen to you, someone who just ask you about your day? It really feels so pure and good. Well, if you want that kind of instincts you ought to learn from Joel. When he is with midge, he is more about her then himself.