Let Us Take A Quick Look At some Of The Best And Some Not So Great Characters In Popular Show Teen Wolf!

By 2 months ago

What made Teen Wolf a major success amongst fans was the characters of the show, they thought differently to deal with the bad guys and it was worth our attention. Let us a tale a look at some of the worst and best character arcs of all time in the show.

Let Us Look At Some Of The Worst And Best Characters Of Teen Wolf.

In the course of the show, one of the best character arcs has to that of Chris Argent who initially was a Werewolf hunter that believed the fact that all Werewolves did not have a human side. Moreover, He and his wife always thought that Werewolves were monsters, and when they transformed, it removed their humanity tough during the course of the time, as Argent got to interact with Scott McCall, he realized that the Werewolf did not remove the human side of the person.

Apart from Argent, fans were a bit confused to see how Lydia was not transformed even after getting bit by Peter, while she exhibited some unique powers like sensing death we soon understood that she was a Banshee.

Some Characters Were Widely Loved While Some Characters Never Had. A Proper Growth!

Kate Argent’s character arc was not a favorite one, to be honest! Fans did not really live when she made a comeback even though Peter killed her. Moreover, given her history with Derek, her return was not a welcoming one in the show.

Fans found Lydia and Jackson’s romantic relationship a bit too problematic while Jackson often used to mistreat Lydia, Lydia hid her true worth in front of him. It seems like both did not get any fair chance to grow as individuals.