Let Us Look Deeper Into Why Batman V Superman Received Mixed Reactions From Superhero Fanatics: trust us, it’s not the worst movie you’ll watch.

The 2016 film Batman v Superman film which was made under the DC Banner has given rise to several fan theories and arguments which are prevalent to date. However, fans hads a somewhat mixed message about this film and let us look into some of the key features that were raised by fans about the movie!


Why Batman v Superman Deserves Better Appreciation Than It Actually Received! Have A Look.

However, the film was widely liked by fans and it received somewhat mixed reviews from fans with mostly reviews. This was partly because of Ben Affleck’s portrayal as the Caped crusader Batman was different than the other films. His honest portrayal as the man with all his weakness was a somewhat different side of the Dark Knight.


The film is somewhat a political film with a strong message when it comes to the struggle between Superman and Batman along with the power struggle that comes along with it. It also has some pretty strong political imagery.

Why The Film Still Received Some Mixed Reaction From Fans?

The film is also pretty important and special with special credits given to the director of photography Larry Fong not only brings a constantly playful visual flair to Batman v Superman but has successfully recreated the comic stories.


Some fans thought that it was not exactly accurate as per the comic story and might have taken a different route as per the film is concerned. While some though Ben Affleck’s portrayal lacked that depth needed to lay the Dark Knight.  However, in all fairness the film went on to smash box office numbers and garnered a huge profit for the studio. So it was a win win for everyone.