Leonardo DiCaprio’s Friends Are Upset with Gigi Hadid – Find Out Why!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Friends Are Upset with Gigi Hadid: Reports

Leonardo DiCaprio is making headlines once again for his love life. This time, it is not because of a considerable age gap between him and his partner. However, his friends are not exactly thrilled with his new flame, 28-year-old model Gigi Hadid. According to insiders, she is monopolizing his time and preventing him from hanging out with the guys. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing Hollywood love triangle.

The Drama Unfolds

Reports from website RadarOnline say that the “Titanic” star’s friends are less than impressed that Gigi Hadid is taking up all of his time. The source suggested that she is distracting him from his usual summer cruises with his guy friends. It seems that the 48-year-old DiCaprio is spending much of his personal time with Hadid, and it’s got his friends worried that he’s becoming too attached.

First World Problems

You might be forgiven for thinking that DiCaprio’s friends are overreacting. As the RadarOnline report points out, their concerns are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Although the actor would usually be planning his summer vacations with his crew by now, he can still spend time with his girlfriend. However, the worry is that he is missing out on precious time with his closest pals.

Digging a Little Deeper

If you’re curious about the details, insiders have shared that DiCaprio and Hadid’s relationship has grown increasingly serious. RadarOnline reports that the pair often has dinner and stays together in private residences for days at a time. Hadid is reportedly an insomniac like DiCaprio, allowing the couple to spend more time together in the wee hours of the morning.

Friends on Edge

So, why are DiCaprio’s buddies so worried about him? According to the source speaking to RadarOnline, the actor is way “less available for poker nights and hangouts.” It seems that the guys’ nights DiCaprio used to organize are becoming less frequent, and everyone is blaming Gigi for monopolizing all of his time.


Most significantly, the insider claimed that DiCaprio’s new romance could jeopardize his annual yacht party. Traditionally, he invites a combination of male and female friends – usually bikini-clad ladies – to join him for a lavish summer vacation. Given that Hadid is likely to accompany him on any long trips in the future, it remains to be seen how this will impact the annual party.

Different Priorities

While DiCaprio’s guy friends might be put out, it’s clear that he’s very happy with the model. However, as another source told People, the actor is still figuring out his next move. “[Leo] is having fun and has had some great nights with Gigi, but has not been dating her exclusively,” the source shared. “He’s not as serious with [Gigi] as he was with Camila Morrone, but he’s not seeing anyone else, either.”

Friends Versus Love Interest

As previously reported, DiCaprio split from his girlfriend Camila Morrone earlier this summer. Morrone was his girlfriend for four years. Meanwhile, Hadid had split from her partner of five years, Zayn Malik, just before her first date with DiCaprio at Casa Cipriani in New York City. If reports are anything to go by, it seems that DiCaprio is enjoying being back on the dating scene, even if his friends are not thrilled.

The One That Got Away

It’s worth noting that DiCaprio and Hadid have a bit of a romantic history together. Last year, the pair was rumored to be dating. They then took a break before rekindling their romance this year. While rumors persist that they’re not serious, it seems that they’re enjoying each other’s company whenever they can find the time.


Leonardo DiCaprio is not a stranger to controversy or scandal. His most recent relationship with model Gigi Hadid has caused a rift among his close circle of friends, as insiders report that she is taking up all of his time, leaving little for his usual summer vacations with the lads. While DiCaprio is not exclusive with Hadid, it is clear that he enjoys spending time with her, especially given the unsociable hours they both keep.


Can Leonardo DiCaprio’s friends make him choose between them and Gigi Hadid?

Ultimately, the choice of who Leonardo DiCaprio spends his time with is his to make. It is unlikely that his friends will try to intervene, as they value their friendship with him.

How serious is Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s relationship?

While sources say that DiCaprio and Hadid’s relationship is not exclusive, they undoubtedly enjoy spending time together. The couple has been seen having fun and getting closer in recent weeks.

Will Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with Gigi Hadid impact his acting career?

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the acting game for over three decades. He is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors, and it is highly unlikely that any personal relationships will impact his professional reputation.

What’s Gigi Hadid’s take on the rumors about her dating Leonardo DiCaprio?

Gigi Hadid has not publicly commented on her relationships – past or present. As an accomplished model and new mom, she likely has other priorities on her mind.

What’s next for Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life?

As ever with celebrity relationships, it’s hard to say what the future will hold. For now, all we know for sure is that DiCaprio is enjoying spending time with Gigi Hadid. The future is anyone’s guess.