Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Spotted Together, Are They Back Together?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid reunite over dinner

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were spotted enjoying a meal together at a posh restaurant in London, surprising pop culture enthusiasts who were under the impression that their relationship had fizzled out. The surprise reunion took place while the Titanic star was dining with his father, George DiCaprio, and stepmother, Peggy Ann Farrar. While it remains unclear whether the ex-couple spent time together or not, the internet broke out in a frenzy with fans speculating on a potential romantic reunion. Here is all we know about Leo and Gigi’s dinner date in London.

How it started

Leo and Gigi’s romance first caught everyone’s attention in September 2022, when they were seen partying together at a New York Fashion Week after-party at the exclusive private club Casa Cipriani. However, their romance did not last, with things fizzling out by December 2022. However, the ex-couple never officially confirmed their relationship.

The dinner date

Leo and Gigi were spotted at the trendy China Tang restaurant on Tuesday. The “Titanic” star, wearing a black bomber jacket and an LA Dodgers baseball cap, was seen arriving at the restaurant just a few minutes before Gigi, who appeared in a black coat, sunglasses, and black pumps. Dad George and stepmom Peggy Farrar arrived earlier in the evening, and Gigi was later seen leaving the same spot and and making her way to the eatery on her own just after Leo.

Were they together?

While the ex-lovers were spotted at the same restaurant at the same time, it is unclear whether they spent time together inside. According to sources, Leo and Gigi arrived separately at the pre-Oscars bash and spent hours together inside before leaving separately.

Speculations about a reunion

The internet erupted in speculations about a potential romantic reunion between the two. While some fans wrote how they couldn’t get over the exes reuniting after so long, others hoped that they would make a great couple again.

What’s next?

It is still too early to say what’s next for Leo and Gigi. However, the unexpected reunion between ex-couple has sparked speculations that they might rekindle their romance in the future.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s surprise reunion at a fancy restaurant in London has generated curiosity and excitement among fans. While it remains unclear whether the ex-couple got back together, their sudden appearance together has sparked some hope among their fans. Only time will tell what’s next for Leo and Gigi, but we can certainly hope to see them together soon.


1) Are Leo and Gigi officially back together?

No, at this point, there is no official confirmation that Leo and Gigi are back together. The fans have only speculated the same based on their appearance together at a restaurant.

2) When did Leo and Gigi start dating?

Leo and Gigi were first linked romantically in September 2022.

3) Did Leo and Gigi break up?

Leo and Gigi’s romance reportedly fizzled out by December 2022.

4) Who else was with Leo at the restaurant?

Leo was dining with his father, George DiCaprio, and stepmother, Peggy Ann Farrar.

5) When were Leo and Gigi last seen together?

Leo and Gigi were last seen together in March 2023 at a pre-Oscars bash.