Legends Of Tomorrow Has A Big Surprise For Fans Ahead And It Sure Is Exciting!

Several popular shows and series under the CW network have finally resumed production after a long delay for the ongoing pandemic terror and testing issue.

Popular CW Series Legends Of Tomorrow Resumes Production After A Long Delay

However, fan-favorite series Legends Of Arrowverse cast members are soon going to return on the set as well. The cast members posed for a group photo with a caption that read the legends are back to save the timeline! Here’s the Instagram posts of the actors all set for the next season.


Moreover, the popular superhero series is all set to bring a known face from another hit show as an antagonist soon enough, Raffi Barsoumian played a villain on the hit teen drama, The Vampire Diaries. However, he is going to play a whole different character in Legends Of Tomorrow.

Legends Of Tomorrow Is Bringing A New Villain On Board!

He is going to play the role of Bishop who experiments with his lives and considers them as his plaything! As terrifying it might sound, it would be interesting to see the actor take on such a character. Although fans need to wait a while to see the actor as Bishop in the series.


It won’t be long before the Legends get to know about Bishop’s true intentions. However, after a few surprise exit, some new additions might come along. With Bishop actually trying to rule the world in his own villainous way, the team might need some help soon before things get out of hand! Well, they are no stranger to big challenges. Fans are soon going to see the former Vampire Diaries star posing a challenge for the team of Legends.