Legendary country songwriter Busbee dead came as a shock to everyone! They lost a close friend, business partner and one of the brightest person in the music industry at 43!!

29th September brought a big loss for the music industry. It has come upon different platforms of social media that eminent songwriter and producer Busbee is no more. Singers Carly Pearce and Marren Morris were among the many who expressed their sadness. Busbee’s real name was Michael James Ryan, and he lost his life at 43. He was born in California in 1976. We do not know the cause of his death yet.

Co-chairmen of Warner Records Aaron Bay-Schuck and Tom Corson mentioned that they lost a close friend, business partner and one of the brightest person in the music industry. They added that people would never forget his kindness and the legacy he left behind. They extended their prayers to Busbee in this difficult time.

Busbee came from a jazz background but gradually moved to the writing country and pop music. “Storm Warning” was his breakthrough hit number, but his albums “Hero” and “Ripcord” caught everyone’s attention. He also wrote a few songs on 2017 albums from Lady Antebellum and Carly Pearce. He collaborated with Lauren Alaina and co-produced albums together. Busbee was amazing in his work, and even though he lived behind the scenes, he did some notably brilliant work.

Marren Morris shared a post on Instagram, where she mentioned the unfair incident. Morris said she will always love him and his songs and albums that she was lucky enough to make with him. Busbee wrote four songs which Morris sang like “My church” and “80s Mercedes”.

Carly Pearce shared touching slideshow of pictures of the two together over the years. She mentioned in the caption that Brusbee gave her music a chance, and she would always cherish the songs and their memories. She added that Brusbee’s legacy will always live on in all the artists he worked with.


Apart from them, there were many others who paid their tributes to the legendary songwriter over Instagram and Twitter. Like the thousands of people, we also pray that his soul may rest in peace, and he may find happiness wherever he is.