“Legacies” finally gets its new sheriff and son! Read on for more details!

The CW’s Legacies has cast its new sheriff and son.

Credit: TV LINE

The two new cast members include Dawson’s Creek alum Bianca Kajlich and Why Women Kill’s Leo Howard. They will portray Mystic Falls’ sheriff and her son, respectively.

As per reports from TV LineKajlich will appear in a recurring role as Sheriff Mac. She is described as someone with a ‘troubled past.’ The character will be “the human line of defense in a town regularly besieged by monsters.” 

The character’s name is a tribute of sorts, to Marguerite Macintyre.  She played Sheriff Forbes on The Vampire Diaries.

Howard will play her son, Ethan. His character is described as a competitive athlete who is also a good-hearted new student at Mystic Falls High School. In addition to that, Ethan will have a sister as well, Maya, played by The Fosters’ Bianca Santos.  Both Ethan and Maya will have feelings for Hope (Danielle Rose Russell).

According to Russell, this situation will prove interesting since the audience will see how the character handles “traumatic situations.”

Furthermore, Russell added that because of the death of Hope’s parents, a time jump was added. Since we didn’t see that process, she’d “love to see that process explored a little bit more.” 

What Does the future hold for Legacies?

Whatever situation Hope is in for Season 2, despite Malivore being defeated, it looks like the show’s dealing with fantastical creatures is far from over. Earlier this year, series creator Julie Plec said that there is plenty more to explore.

Plec told TV Line, after the season finale that there have been ” conversations about demigods and demons and more fantastical creatures.”

Meanwhile, Howard and Kajlich are the latest to join the cast of Legacies. Previously, it was announced that Thomas Doherty is joining the cast as the vampire Sebastian and Alexis Denisof is on board as Professor Vardemus.