Learn from Keanu Reeves How to stay Immune to Corona Virus!

Well, we all are aware of the memes that say Keanu Reeves doesn’t age. Actually he does, but only in numbers it seems. Keanu Reeves was born on 2 September, 1964 in Beirut. He deserves a lot of credit for looking so youthful, when he is almost nearing his sixtees. Who knows maybe he drank some from the fountain of youth.

One way or another Keanu Reeves has managed to keep his attractive, youthful look intact throughout his acting career which spans almost 35 years. Rumour has it that the super young and attractive actor could actually be a vampire.

 But is he really immune to Corona Virus?

It seems like Corona Virus is highly unlikely to affect him because of his diet and his life style!

Source: GQ

What does Keanu Reeves eat?

The 55 year old actor doesn’t have any super strict diet that he abides by to retain his enviable looks. What he instead does is follow some simple techniques, the ones he isn’t going to break anytime soon. The Hollywood heartthrob rather maintains a healthy diet which consist of chicken, rice, pasta, and veggies Reeves does not overeat.

Only by this careful diet, he manages to grab his ideal protein, carbs and fat. Eating several small, well-balanced meals daily helps Keanu Reeves to control hunger and he absolutely avoids junk food.

How does he manage to stay in shape even at the age of 55?

One got o stay Keanu Reeves is a very active person. He tries to stay active as much as possible in his daily life. His favorite sports being ice hockey, the national game of Canda and basketball. He likes lifting weight. While he hasn’t gone into great detail about his workout secrets, he has admitted to shaping his routine around upcoming roles.