Leaked Audio Tape REVEALED that Amber Heard mentally and physically TORTURED Johnny Depp during their Relationship??

Johnny Depp has finally uncovered the truth about the reality of his divorce. Yes, he was the one who was tortured mentally and physically by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Earlier, everyone knows that Amber Heard was tortured by the Caribbean series star Johnny Depp. However, the reality is disclosed and Depp is the victim of being tortured. These types of brutal incidences are the worst part of any relationship.

Johnny Depp is popular for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and he played the main role of Pirate. Everyone knows about his tremendous work and only because of him, fans smile and laugh after watching the movie. On the other hand, Amber Heard is known as Ambassador of Women’s rights and a Human Rights Champion. This is very disastrous as an Ambassador of Women’s rights she abused her husband.

How did Johnny Depp clarify the reality?

Recently, a tape was unearthed in which there was going a therapy session of Johnny and Amber. In that tape, Amber confesses that she physically hits and abuse Johnny Depp.

Nowadays, we can clearly see his face in interviews that how he tries to hide his sentiments, pain, and hardship. In that tape, again Amber horrifies Johnny by saying, it might be possible that she will hit him again.

When did they got divorced?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorced each other in August 2016. But, there was a rumor that Johnny Depp used to abuse Amber Heard and also torture physically and mentally. This fake news made his life tough and he also lost his part in Pirates of the Caribbean as Jack Sparrow.

Johnny has gone through a tough time and no one was with him. Even his fans doubted him. No one actually thinks that this star who made everyone laugh was so unhappy from inside and confronting such type of situations.