Lauren Duggar Shares The Painful Incident Of “miscarriage” with mother-in-law, Michelle

It is not easy to share some incidents that leave behind a bad memory for us. Recently a celebrity has opened up about a very sensitive issue that is quite painful for her. She was courageous to come up and talk about the matter with her near and dear ones.

What Was The Conversation All About?

Recently Lauren Duggar sat down with her mother, Lana, and mother in law, Michelle, and talked about her miscarriage. She had suffered a miscarriage in October 2018. As both Lana And Michelle had faced the same fate before as well, Lauren thought it would be a good idea to share her pent up feelings with them.

We All Wish Them All The Luck And Happiness.

Michelle was quite understanding about the fact and also shared some painful insights into the whole matter. She said a miscarriage drains you emotionally. It is too painful to lose a child that you can no longer hold or share the joys and happiness with that you planned for. It is indeed a challenging issue, and it is not easy to let it go quite easily.

Lauren and Josiah did something beautiful to remember their child. They decided to name Asa, which means Living one and Healer. They also created a box which had the shirt that Lauren wore when she announced her pregnancy and also the letter they wrote to their daughter. Somethings are too painful to let go of life!

Lauren has opened up about her mental pain that she has been experiencing for quite some time. It is definitely not easy to let go of something so close to the heart. Lauren and Josiah are trying to move on and are hopeful that God sure has something better planned for them. As of now, they are counting their blessings