Lauren Alaina’s new song ‘Getting Food’ gives you live-in-the moment advices! Listen to the mesmerizing song with incredible lyrics!

Lauren Alaina is seen on TV shaking her leg on Dancing With The Stars. Besides, she is participating with dance pro- Gleb Savchenko. Surely, the competitive show is taking all her time.

But the singer released her new song on September 27. This came as a pleasant surprise to her fans as Lauren is quite busy with her dancing schedule.

Following, the song in her new album is titled ‘Getting Good.’ Secondly, the song will officially air on radios from October 7.

In particular, the live-in-the-moment song is produced by David Gracia. Also, the lyrics are penned by Lauren Alaina and Emily Weisband.

 Clearly, the songs contain so many lines that one could connect to easily. Importantly, the song is about worrying for the future while forgetting to cherish what we hold right now. We waste so much time in anticipation of what is to come that we don’t live what is happening! This song really hits home.

I’m thinking, once I learn to grow right where I’m planted. Maybe that’s when life starts getting good.” Yes, we realize that you have to grow from where you have started. You can’t change your roots, your identity, from where you come from. Thus it talks of acceptance of oneself to develop further.

I am afraid of both my parents dying.” Firstly, Every child has this fear. Secondly, when we grow up we don’t care for how they are living right now but what would hat if… So, we lose moments with our family.

Obviously, this song is the lesson the youth needs to keep in mind. So, that we not always lament the future but enjoy the present.

Additionally, the town ain’t big enough singer will start her tour in January, February 2020. This was delayed due to her appearance on the dance show.

“That Girl was me”  Tour is selling tickets. So grab yours before it’s late. Besides, experiencing the mesmerizing vocals in a live concert is something ‘more.’