Latest update for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 54: release date, scans and a few spoilers.

Although Dragon Ball Super’s manga is moving forward, it is progressing at a really slow pace. But we expected it to be a bit faster. But of course, looking at how the show is going, everyone has high expectations from this week’s chapter. And we hope the show lives up to them. Previously, we saw that Piccolo and a few others got involved in a fight. While Goku and Vegeta went forward and continued their ending. But what about the chapter for this month? Want to know what’s going to happen? We know a few details and we would love to share them with you.

Here are the updates for Chapter 54 of Dragon Ball Super. Before we proceed, we would like to let you know this may contain some spoilers from the next chapter. So, if you don’t like to hear spoilers, we suggest you not to read any further. But for the other readers who don’t mind a few spoilers, here we go! The December issue of V-Jump is almost here and it’s not long before we get to see the chapter too. We feel Chapter 54 of Dragon Ball Super will feature more fiesty fights and some creative training material. We even think the spoilers will be out in the open soon.

We will get to see the V-Jump issue for this month on November 21, 2019. And that’s precisely when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 54 will also come out. But usually we get to read the scans before we get to see the chapter. And we feel it will be the same this time as well. So, according to these patterns, November 20 should be the date around which we will get the scans. The spoilers will also be translated around at the same time.

For the people who would love to read Dragon Ball Super from other sources, it is available on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump app or the ManaPlus app, where they can read it for free. For now, let’s wait for Chapter 54 and we hope you guys are as excited as we are.