Last Man Standing season 9: When is the latest renewal date? Check out all latest updates including plot, cast and more.

Last Man Standing season 8 concluded with a cliffhanger episode which left us in a lot of confusion. However, here’s a good news for the audience. Recently, we got the information that the show will be back for a ninth season. In the previous season we saw that Eve has come back home and Vanessa has got feelings for her.

In the second part of the story, Jen got a new job at Outdoor man grill but the first day at work didn’t turn out to be that good. And all this has made the audience curious about what will happen in the further episodes. So now let’s take a look whether there’ll be the Last Man Standing season 9 or not? And when will it release?

Will we get the Last Man Standing season 9?

Season 8 was still premiering on the television when the pandemic started. Thus, it was stopped without completion of the last episode. Considering this, the streaming service confirmed in the month of may that there would definitely be a season 9 for the show. In addition, the official Instagram page of the show also gave its confirmation to the news.

When will season 9 release?

COVID-19 has delayed the shooting of a lit of shows, the Last Man Standing season 9 being one in the list. The show’s production was put on a halt since so many days. But according to the information shared by Jonathan Adams aka Chuck Larabee, shooting for season 9 will start very soon. Thus, it could finally reach the screens in the mid of 2021.

Expected plot for season 9

The last episode of season 8 which didn’t premier was supposed to be the finale of the show. Thus, season 9 could bring some twist in the plot. And according to the showrunner, Kevin Abbott, the show will also have the glimpse about this pandemic.