Lady Gaga’s performance “Enigma” turn painfully ugly when Jack and Gaga fell of the stage! It might not be good for her condition!

Lady Gaga performed her Las Vegas Residency show, Enigma. Though on the Thursday concert at Park Theatre at Park MGM, something unexpected happened.

What happened to Gaga?

The singer invited one of the fans from the audience. Reportedly, the fan named Jack fell off the stage with the singer.

Before, Lady Gaga climbed into his lap, locking her legs around his hips. This would have ensured her safety if they had not been on the edge of the stage. So, the fans start hopping excitedly. Unknowingly they reach the edge of the stage.

Subsequently, they lapse from the stage in the crowd of fans. Lady Gaga falls first, followed by Jack.

But, the singer gets up and continues with her performance. Also, she invited Jack back to the stage to perform beside her. She sang Million Reasons.

No harm was done!

Moreover, she brushes off the incident jokingly. She claims that it was amazing. Also, she and Jack are so in love that they fell. Further, she added that they could have some tea together.

Seeing the downward spiral, Lady Gaga asked her fans not to troll Jack on social media. Evidently, the male fan was crying and was inconsolable, blaming himself for the fall.

But, Lady Gaga assured him that everything is fine. Apparently, her powerful performance post-fall also acceded to her incurring no injuries.

The accidental fall was captured on cameras all around the concert. This, people, are sharing their views and worry about the singer.

But what about Gaga’s medical condition?

However, fans are worried about the singer’s health. In 2017, she shared on Twitter that she suffers a chronic illness.

Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes long term pain all over the body, was first mentioned by Lady Gaga in 2013. This condition leads to muscle stiffness. 

Earlier, she had fractured her hip. Consequently, her concert was canceled. But the same won’t be repeated again.

However, Lady Gaga carried on her show despite the disruption. Her Bad Romance performance even saw her perform some athletic routines.

Though, there has been no word from the singer’s representative. But we hope that she is not experiencing any pain. Tha fall did seem brutal, and the hard floor would have done no favor on her chronic illness.