Lady Gaga is all set to star in Sir Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie as Patrizia Reggiani, the suspected Killer and ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci!! Story revolved around his Assassination…

Sir Ridley Scott is all set with his new thriller starring Lady Gaga.

Maurizio Gucci, the Italian businessman was the grandson of the famous fashion brand founder Gucci.

Patrizia Reggiani

His suspicious murder case drew the attention of media and was considered to be one of the most high profile murder mystery case of that time.

Revolving around this thrilling plot the movie is starting Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani the ex-wife of the businessman

Maurizio was shot outside his office in Milan, Italy.

After so much of interrogation, Patrizia was suspected as the culprit and was sentenced 18 years of prison.

Reggiani was convicted to hire a hitman to shoot down her husband in a more mafia-style outside his office.

Though Patrizia was sentenced her punishment, she always denied her charges.

The challenges for Steffani(Lady Gaga) will be to depict the Italian socialite and mother of two daughters who got divorced in 1985.

In her previous film (A star is born ) Lady Gaga did such a fantastic yet clean acting which drew the attention of the viewers so much that she got nominated for her role in the Academy Awards.

The movie had Bradley Cooper and Steffani as the leads, where the two played as a romantic duo leading a struggling life with their music.

The movie ‘A star is born’ fetched multiple awards like the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for best actress, BAFTA Award for Best Film Music, Satellite Award for best cinematography, Satellite Award for Best motion picture and so on.

Coming back to the upcoming thriller based on the murder of Italian business boss in 1995, the role of Maurizio hasn’t been assigned till yet.

Reggiani was labelled as’ black widow’ during the trial by the Italian press media.

Reggiani completed her punishment of 18 years of imprisonment in 2016 even after her daughters’ efforts to overturn the verdict by stating that their mother wasn’t mentally stable due to the attack of tumour in her brain but nothing could save Patrizia to go to jail.

Sir Ridley has always tried to give his best in all of his movies and surely this too would fetch positive attention of the viewers  His last film was  All the Money in the world which got nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a supporting role.