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Lady Gaga Gave An Interesting Reply To All The Dating Rumours With Co- Star Bradley Cooper!

While A Star Is Born went on to become a huge box office that year along with bagging some big awards and being one of the critically acclaimed movies, the movie created headlines for yet another reason as well!

Were Co-Stars Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Were Actually Dating Each Other?

After the movie’s success, media tabloids soon speculated romance rumours between costars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga! The two became a bit closer in the sets and soon gave way to several controversial headlines!

When asked about this romance rumours, Lady Gaga had something very interesting to share about this stating that as a performer and as an actress, they actually wanted people to believe that they were in love. They actually got into the hype as people wanted to feel that love at the Oscars.

The Pop Star Gave An Interesting Answer To All The Dating Rumours!

The pair wanted it to go right through the lens of that camera and to every television that it was being watched on! The co-star indeed did a good job as fans thought that something was on between the two! After the film’s huge success, fans assumed that the chemistry between then went beyond their reel life story! However, that was certainly not the case and was a rumour itself.

The dating rumours  were fulled further following Bradley Cooper’s breakup with long time girlfriend Irina Shayk. While they also share a daughter, the break up came as a shock and many thought that Lady Gaga might have played a part in this spilt. However, many sources claimed that it is not the case and the break up would have happened anyway.