La Casa de Papel season 4 needs Nairobi! Is Money Heist Season 3 ended with unpredictable death of Nairobi? Checkout how much people love her!!

Image: Netflix

Netflix’s jaw-dropping and plot-twisting series is definitely way beyond unpredictable. It is absolutely impossible to predict the next move in Netflix’s Money Heist a.k.a. La Casa de Papel.

And as season three of this unpredictable series on the way, it was revealed that the third installment has chosen to have more elaborate planning accompanied by backstabbing and as usual jaw-dropping robberies that are on a totally next level.

Image: Netflix

Money Heist was created by Alex Pina. It is a Spanish series that revolves around a group of criminals. These groups of criminals were selected carefully and are trained to rob the famous Royal Mint of Spain.
While the 1st and the 2nd season has followed the robbers through with their robbery and revealing all their hi-tech escapes, the third season has made itself bigger.

While the initial two seasons have a soft touch of romance and affairs, the third season got the criminals more ambitious about their crimes.
What happened in the third season? The gang has taken over the Bank of Spain and left the back without leaving a speck of meltable gold behind.
It is still unclear so whether Nairobi is alive or not. But as the 3rd season shows us that things are not that good for her either.


But the season 3 of Money Heist ended the same way as it did in season 2. The criminal gang is in desperate need of an escape plan and there surrounded by Spanish authorities who are ready to arrest them and take them under custody. Now that they have to escape from the place they are robbing, the only difference between seasons 2 and 3 are the places they were trying to rob.

But now, the Professor always seems to have a plan to escape out of this hopeless trap.

Twitter speculation regarding Nairobi’s death rumor is making people sad, check out what they have to say: