‘La Casa de Papel “Money Hiest “Season 4 latest updates: With 2020 season release, Rio and Tokyo’s love story might take a nasty turn! Will they breakup, theories and reality.

Money Heist will return to Netflix with its 4th Season by 2020.

Alex Pina, the creator confirmed the Fourth Season of the show has already begun filming. Money Heist took instant success when Netflix decided to take over the show from Season 3 on July 19th, 2019. The first 2 seasons were broadcasted in Spain with the name La Casa de Papel.

Alex Pina is working on a different Netflix Original series that is going to release in 2020. The news got confirmed from a press conference by Alex. There is a humor that Netflix might launch Season 4 by the end of this year (2019). However, it has fewer chances to be true as Alex has already moved into another Netflix project.

Recently, the creator spoke about Money Heist’s next two parts. He said, it was complicated and there are a number of reasons for no further parts of the show. The part was a brief and concluded sequel on robbery. It seemed practically impossible to make the protagonists millionaires and hunt for another robbery.
However, they realized that it had a gang with unique characters.  They can plot for an ideal robbery.

Nairobi’s destiny does not look good after considering her injury by the bullet. Also, Professor’s plan is under control by the new police negotiator.
Fans hope to see the escape to be inevitable.

Rio and Tokyo love story


Since the beginning, the professor made it clear that none of the group members will have any personal relationships. But, Tokyo got involved with Rio.
She says in season 3 that she can behave like a normal girl but the nasty girl in her starts to take over. This shows that she is selfish and dominant.
There should be a change of behavior in her otherwise this might result in the break-up of Tokyo and Rio.