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La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) Season 4 Latest Updates: The Crime Drama has reached reached an unbelievable stats and the demand leads to season 4!! Checkout for trailer, cast, release date and Plot !!

A La Casa De Papel or Money Heist is a well-known and popular Spanish series all over the world. A couple of months back only, the third season was debuted on Netflix. Money Heist fans are eagerly waiting for season four on Netflix. Here, all the updates are available for another exclusive and potential season of Crime Drama “La Casa De Papel.”

Statistics of Money Heist viewers revealed by Netflix

The shows had 34 million viewers all over the world, and 70% of viewers from 34 million have completed one season in just seven days, stats revealed by Netflix. The show gets viewers all over the world because of its unpredictable gang of thieves, who had named with different codes using the various name of the cities, such as Tokyo, Rio, Moscow, Berlin, Denver, Nairobi, and the boss of all thieves as a professor.

 La Casa De Papel Season 4:

The creator of the show, Alex Pina, talked about the fourth season of the exclusive crime drama in a press conference. The upcoming season will be expected to clarify all of the doubts, which viewers had in their minds from season 3. The cast of seasons 4 includes Morte, Corbero, De la Serna, Herran, Peros, Nimri, Lopez, Peric, Acebo, Keuchkerian, Flores.

However, the dates of releasing season four from the thrilling Series are not out yet. Alex Pina said that it is expected to release on Netflix in early 2020, or there is a possibility to be released at the end of 2019 as it has already gone to production.

Alex Pina told, this upcoming season might well be the last season of this thrilling robbery series. This season 4 will wrap all incomplete stories of the past seasons and clarify all the doubts which viewers are having within their minds after watching the season.

An official trailer has not been released yet, however here is one fanmade trailer:


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