La Casa De Papel Money Heist Season 4: All Set With An Exciting turn when Libson got arrested! Will professor be able to save her?? Deets inside.

Netflix is all set with the fourth season of the popular show of Money Heist. The show has been gaining quite the attention and soon became one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The show has been one of the most popular shows in a foreign language.

Money Heist Forth Season: Release Date, Plot, Cast Members, All Other Information You Need To Know!

Money Heist which is also known as “La Casa de Papel is a Spanish television heist crime drama series that is being released by Netflix. The show was created by Álex Pina and is currently ranking as the most-watched foreign-language show and was believed to break quite a few records in terms of viewership.

The stars of the show have reported 18th January 2020 as the date of premiere, however, Netflix has not yet announced any further details regarding the fourth season of the show. However, fans need not worry because the fourth season is definitely happening! According to sources, the filming of the upcoming season is also complete.

Too Many Upcoming Twists and Turns In The Fourth Season!

The show will take up from where it left off in the third season. The professor confessed his love for Libson, right after his confession she was arrested. The show has left behind a lot of cliff hangers and it seems like the wait won’t be long for the fourth season.

Another cast member has revealed that the show will come back in January. Although Netflix has not denied nor confirmed the news so the accuracy of the information is still a bit dubious.It would be interesting to see what happens next!The show left off with a lot of problematic twists and turns that need answers. We are hoping what would happen to Libson and at what length would the professor go to save her. We need to watch out for the upcoming season.