La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist: Season 4 Left Fans at a Cliffhanger Paving Way for a Grander and more Thrilling Season 5. What Could be Expected from Upcoming Season?

Money Heist, Spanish series, called La Casa de Papel in Spanish which translates to ‘The House of Paper’ in English. The show has a wide fanbase all over the world due to its adventurous storyline. The story is about a professor hiring 8 people who have an ultimate aim of earning money for which they agree to work for him to complete a robbery. The team decides to loot two places, commencing with Spain, where they robbed a handsome amount and suffered from many difficulties in their expedition, where one of the thrilling moments was them once got stuck at the bank and were printing money at the presence of the police. They carried a successful mission and decided to rob another place in Spain.

The series has released 4 seasons, with the latest one in April 2020 and the 5th season scheduled for production.

How season 4 ended and what could be carried with the 5th season?

The season ends with Alicia Sierra placing a gun at The Professor’s head and risking his life. She was one of the reasons behind Nairobi’s tragic death in Season 4 that left fans shook. Alicia and  Colonel Luis Prieto are exposed by Professor for the inhumane and illicit treatment they subjected Rio to, and Alicia avenge the Spain security department to avenge her insult, and heads out to settle scores with Professor. Although pregnant, she took a gun and decided to leave on an adventurous and dangerous task like that.

In the season 5, most likely, fans expect the writers to churn out a storyline where he’ll get shot, thereby ending the mastermind of the heist or Alicia’s water might broke seeing she is in her final stage of pregnancy, and he gets a moment to escape or he could use that moment to show sympathy at her and help her baby while she succumbs to death. These are believed to be the two possible stories with that plot that season 4 ended with. Now fans need to see what the future waits in their favourite show.