Kyra Sedgwick Says “The Closer” has Improved Working Environment and Situation in Television for Women

Kyra Sedgwick, an American actress, producer, and director who has had a brilliant career and is also known for her acting in the crime drama, The Closer as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. The show was talked about for its storyline and enaction. However, the actress herself was praised for her acting in it and has expressed her gratitude for the same to the show.

According to her, the show has changed TV for the women out there. She was seen commenting how after the show; people wanted to mimic their success, why wouldn’t they, they show proved to overcome all the hurdles and rise above the difficulties or challenges that they show presented from time to time. 

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Although 15 years after the show got over, why are we yet talking about it? What was so impactful about the show? The reason being her appraisal of the role that she had played. As for her thinking, many women beyond the age of 40 got the roles that they were offered only after her series; she expressed her affection towards women with that. Not to state facts, but only her personal thoughts regarding the series being the cause of women in their 40s getting the roles to play that they are currently enrolled to.

Her thinking about her role in The Closer Watch The Closer: The Complete First Season | Prime Video
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The actress believed that the role she was assigned to play in the series was that of a strong character and that the same had inspired other directors to cast women in their 40s to the same roles or similar roles in several shows.

We can not explain the legitimacy of the statement to be real, all that we can say is that her role in the series was appreciable and is no surprise to guess that it was due to their performance that other women were shown confidence at to be cast as performers on several shows.