Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler Divorce Battle Just Got A Whole Lot Of Dramatic And New Allegations Are Being Made: “once a jerk, always a jerk”!

Fans were pretty shocked when Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler mutually announced their divorce on social media. While no reason was given during that time of the announcement, it seems like new shocking details are coming up about the divorce at this point. Let us look further for details.

Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler Divorce Battles Are Getting Dramatic And Controversial With Time!

Apparently, the aftermath of the divorce is getting pretty dramatic and messy with rumors coming up that Jay’s lazy attitude is one of the most important reasons for the divorce.

However, a friend has spoiled the beans stating that Cutler’s rude behavior to was his Cavallari, her family, friends, and his fans made Kristin feel miserable and lovely along with their three children. Take a look at the Instagram post posted by the two celebs.

Jay Cutler Is Termed As Lazy And Unmotivated According To Insiders!

Not only that but even during Cutler’s NFL times he was often termed as being a jerk and some even reported that he never responded well when fans asked for a selfie or wanted to say hi in a restaurant. Cutler’s ignorant behavior has been a bit of a concern for Kristin who values the importance of fans. Cutler has also been less motivated which has also been a reason behind the split.

The divorce drama escalated when Cutler filed first while seeking primary custody of their kids. Cavallari hit back days later, claiming that the ex-NFL player was refusing to vacate their $4.2M Nashville home. The drama is yet to escalate much further with more issues getting involved with time. We wonder what’s next and what Cutler has to say about all these allegations.