Kris Jenner gives ‘The Best Christmas Gift’ to her Granddaughter, Stormi while Daughter, Kylie shares her Christmas prep with her fans on YouTube.

Kylie Jenner added a video on YouTube on Monday. It begins with featuring a 15-foot tall Christmas tree along with various polar-bear stuffed animals. After this, she showed her decorated dining room and kitchen.

Then Kylie showed her mom’s special gift for Stormi – a playhouse that looks like a mini-mansion. Kylie told about having a house like this when she was of Stormi’s age. Then we get into the house, which has realistic details –  a doorbell, a functioning air-conditioning unit, a fake fireplace, and a kitchen. Kris Jenner had an emotional moment in the playhouse recalling Kylie’s playhouse.

Then, Kris Jenner led her granddaughter into the home, ringing the doorbell. Stormi appeared to be glad upon exploring her new place. Stormi was eager to open the cabinets, which Kris Jenner suggested could be a good place to store items from Kylie Cosmetics. Then, she explored the second level of the home, which has a realistic banister and balcony.

Kris’s playhouse for granddaughter Stormi

A week ago, Kylie had shared another video about her Christmas preparations. After doing some volunteering work with her mother, she comes back home. Jenner’s house tour started with a look at an illuminated Christmas tree covered with sparkly red ornaments, which were inspired by ornaments her mom used to display when she was a kid.

She wants Stormi to have the same experience growing up like her. Jenner then showed many Santa Claus figures. Stormi gave a hug to one of them.

Jenner then showed her beautiful wooden calendar placed on her cabinet. And a miniature ceramic holiday town setup, placed on another table in another room.

She also showed one of her favorite holiday candles from fragrance brand Thymes. She said these candles make her home smell like Christmas. Then she showed a Santa Claus figure climbing up a tiny ladder against a cabinet.