Kris Jenner “Disgusted” By Rumours Of Her Affair With O.J. Simpson 

Kris Jenner has had it with the OJ Simpson rumours. In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 17, the momager was again faced with infidelity allegations. She is with daughters Khloe and Kim Kardashian when an article pops up on Kim’s phone.  

The article is about how OJ Simpson bragged to his friend that he banged his wife’s best friend in the hot tub. According to the insider that leaked the information, Simpson even went as far as to claim that Kris Jenner needed medical attention. And why? Because he had a huge penis.  

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Kris is immediately angry at the news article. Khloe tells her that rumours come and go and so to not let it get to her. But the Kardashian matriarch says that even after 25 years, the press is still churning out gossip claiming that she slept with Simpson. 

OJ Simpson was an athlete and the husband of her late best friend – Nicole Brown Simpson. The two were very close during their youth. Unfortunately, Nicole died a terrible death. She was murdered on June 12, 1994.  

Simpson was also a friend of Jenner’s late-husband Robert Kardashian Sr. He defended the athlete in the infamous trial. Even Simpson himself cleared the air regarding his alleged affair with Kris Jenner. In a statement, Simpson said that there has never been any romantic or sexual involvement between him and Jenner. 

He said that he really respected Robert Kardashian Sr. So, as a wife of his close friend, Kris was obviously off-limits. Kris was happy that he was doing his bit to get rid of the rumours but she was going to take it a bit more seriously this time. This is because the article came out on the death anniversary of her dear friend Nicole. 

Kris said that she is now taking legal action against the article. And will not tolerate any more in the future.