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Korean Series Sweet Home Season 1 Left Behind Too Many Twists , Hinting Towards A Possible Second Season!

If you think that there’s no more content to binge search then Netflix is going to prove their subscribers  all wrong! The streaming giant is bringing home an extremely interesting Korean horror drama series and you just can not miss this one!

Don’t Miss The Brand New K- Drama Horror Series, Sweet Home!

The brand new Korean horror drama series titled Sweet Home has released on the platform this December, contrary to the title of the series, the series is not all that sweet and takes the spook show to a whole new level! If you haven’t already seen the trailer yet, the official trailer of Sweet Home is given right here!

As the trailer suggests, the story sets in motion when a sudden turn of events lead to a horrific incident infesting people and turning them into vicious monsters, now even others need to gear up to get hold of this current situation. Filled with horror, gruesome scenes, the first season went on to be an interesting watch for K- drama fanatics.

This Newest Korean Series Takes Horror To A Whole New Level!

These trapped people have to fight for survival while also maintaining humanity, while the trailer ends with a warning that it is not a disease but a curse! It is finally time to face our fears as the first series finale says.

The series includes  Song Kang, Lee Jin-UK, and Lee Si-young and has managed to leave behind an interesting season finale. Fans are really curious to know what really happened to Sang Wook, as there was a huge question mark about his death, along with the cliffhanger left around Eun Hyuk possible death and whether he finally succumbed to his condition. 

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