Kobe And Vanessa Bryant’s Youngest Daughter Capri Took Her First Steps and her mama is proud of her baby daughter!

Kobe Bryant Fell In Love With His Wife Vanessa On The Sets of a 90s Music Video. Picture: Instagram | Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant recently captured on video the adorable.moment which every parent eagerly waits for. Vanessa and Kobe’s youngest daughter Capri took her first steps.

Vanessa And Kobe Bryant’s Youngest Daughter Capri Took Her First Steps! Have A Look.

The little one was initially sitting on Vanessa’s sister Sophie’s lap before she slowly stands up and takes a few steps right into her mother’s arms, earning applause from everyone in the room, Vanessa captured it on video.  Take a look at the extremely adorable moment that will make every parent emotional as it is a huge step for every one of them.Have  a look .

This moment is a sweet little incident amidst the heartbreaking and tragic death of Kobe and their daughter Gianna. The family also had their first easter after the crash and it was a bittersweet moment for the whole Bryant family. The family missed two members who passed in a tragic accident leaving behind a void for the family.

Vanessa Had A Bittersweet Easter After The Tragic Plane Crash.

Vanessa celebrated mother’s day as well but it was surely not same without Gianna.Vanessa also wrote a heartfelt post in her and Kobe’s wedding anniversary and admitted that she is terribly missing her late husband. It was their 19th wedding anniversary. Fans commented below the post and supported her in this difficult time for the whole family.

Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna lost their lives in a terrible plane accident . The whole world mourned such a terrible loss and the lives of so many innocent people were taken away. Vanessa has been posting picture remembering her husband and daughter with Heartbreaking captions that makes it visible how much she misses them.