Kitty Pryde is now Captain Kate Pryde – Rescuer of mutants around the world! Check out the changes to the character in the latest Marvel X-Men edition!

Dawn of X is a revitalization of the X-Men franchise. The series will see five other comics emerging out of the mutant world.

 However, Marauders#1 has revealed some interesting details. The comic is written by Gerry Duggan. Also, Matteo Lolli sketched the art for the Comic.

Specifically, the comic unveils the changed status of Kitty Pryde.

Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat was introduced in Uncanny X-Men. Now, she is banding together mutants to send them to the safe haven.

The misfortune in Krakoa!

Firstly as followed in House of X and Power of X, the mutants follow Professor Xavier and Magneto to Krakoa, a mutant territory. However, Kitty is unable to enter the territory.

When Kitty tries to enter the place, an invisible barrier holds her back. She smashes face-first into the barrier. Though, in the process, her nose is broken with a black eye adorning her face. It is ironic since Kitty has the superpower to pass through solid. Then, why won’t the barrier allow her in?

Although she is alone outside while other mutants are under the mutant nation, conversely, she was a leader of the X-Men some time.

She gets help from Storm and Iceman to rescue mutants. And also ensure their safe journey to Krakoa.

So, Kitty stays outside. And then she is appointed by Wolverine to transport materials via waterways. Since she could enter through waterways, she helps in trade and other mutants living outside a safe passage.

However, when she sails through, she still feels uncomfortable. Thus, she realizes that she should help other mutants stuck outside. And help them instead to escape the armies and governments blocking their access to the passage.

A deal with the Devil?

Captain Kate Pryde is then approached by the white Queen. Emma Frost telepathically asks Kate to help her in transporting life-sustaining drugs. The drug is banned by governments. So it requires black-market support. 

Emma also asks Kitty why she has not told her friends to call her Kate. But Kate brushes off the question. Thus, Sprite Kate is offered the position of Captain in the Hellfire trading company. Indeed, Emma Frost sponsors the excursion.

Katy starts drinking and brooding, in a similar fashion to Logan. Previously, it was Logan only who recruited her. So, is she following in her mentor’s footsteps?

Kate rescues Iceman while in Vladivostok for an assignment. Bobby(Iceman)is in Russia to rescue mutants from the dominating Russian tendencies. Following, Kate, Ororo, Iceman, and the original Pyro(resurrected through experiment) team together.

In Russia, one of the villains, Phobos, is introduced. He limits mutants to travel outside since he wants them to work for the government.

The team and Storm band together rescuing the locked mutants around the world.

Thus, Kate, as the leader of Marauders, goes on an adventure. Also, she asks her friends to call her Kate. The team helps to send the stranded mutants to Xavier’s established territory.

Another edition may answer the questions of Katy’s inability to enter Krakoa. But we are quite excited to see these changes in the character!