Kio Cyr gets all emotional sharing his breakup with Olovia Ponton! Check out the reason behind their separation.

Social media has hit everyone’s life differently. No one is left untouched with the craze an addiction to it. Many stars are known for their work on social media platforms. It won’t be a surprise for one to know that many people have not only earned fame, but also money with their work on social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube. Many celebrities who we know today are a result of their work on social media.

One of such has been the Tik Tok stars, Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton. The two were secretive of their relationship and didn’t mention it on any social media. They kept it a secret until April 2020 when they finally decided to make a video exclaiming their love for each other and eventually declaring their relationship. Since then, their romantic dance videos and otherwise any other videos have been seen differently by their fans as they then knew that it was not only for enaction but rather in true spirits.

What has their relationship status been?

The two were together for some time until they broke up and the same came out on their social media platforms. The two stopped appearing in videos together and that made their relationship’s end official. Olivia had to face the backlash from the society due to the deed that she had committed, well, at least that was what their fans believed in and they started backlashing her on her account.

It was declared that the couple separated in an unfortunate was and Kio cried after their breakup. Their fans got furious at Olivia that they started hate-commenting on her posts and that led to a situation where Kio had to comment on one post asking them to not do so and made clear that what happened was not her fault alone.